By Ricky Richardson

Lawndale - Southbay residents were feeling the heat this past weekend. You probably headed outside if you didn't have an air conditioned house or apartment to chill out in a shaded area.

You were quite fortunate indeed, if you found yourself near 147th Street and Burin in Lawndale on Saturday, September 13, 2014. This area provided a place to chill out, throw in some smooth jazz and dose of the blues, as prescribed by the good doctor, and some finger licking, mouthwatering BBQ. This fantastic recipe made for a fabulous afternoon.

The City Lawndale held the 2nd Lawndale Blues & Jazz Music Festival on a toasty Saturday afternoon, September 13th.

This free event attracted local families, neighbors and friends from the City of Lawndale and surrounding communities. A growing crowd showed up for the 2nd Annual Lawndale Blues & Jazz Music Festival.

Smooth Jazz Festival Augsburg 2014 - Sunday

Sunday morning, there was the Smooth Jazz Brunch at the Dorint hotel, the place where almost all artists and fans were staying. After one hour of brunching, we got some music from bassist Julian Vaughn and saxophonist Marcus Anderson, supported by the house band, who for the last time gave their all to provide 90 minutes of top entertainment. They started with Bill Withers' "Lovely Day", followed by an extended version of his "Ain't No Sunshine", that gave each member on the stage ample solo space and was pure bliss. Next was "What You Won't Do For Love" which was cleverly mixed with "Just The Two Of Us", providing a great vehicle for the sax of Marcus Anderson. Then it was EWFs "Can't Hide Love" with some cool bass playing by Julian Vaughn, followed by Stanley Clarke's "Lisa" that gave both players lots of solo space. One more smooth sax track, before the party started with Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely" with a great keyboard solo by Lutz Deterra, and "You Made My Day" by Marcus Anderson. When they played "Rock With You", people got up and danced. Somebody opened the windows to let some air in, having people on the outside stand still, watch and wonder, what kind of hot party was going on in the basement of the Dorint hotel. The cheering crowd didn't allow the band to leave, they had to come back to give us one more, so they played "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now" with the whole room grooving along. This marked the end of an outstanding and fun filled Smooth Jazz Festival Augsburg.

This was another exciting edition of the Smooth Jazz Festival Augsburg, this year in an newly expanded edition over the course of 4 days with 7 concerts by 8 international top stars. It was well attended by an international crowd which was enthusiastic and appreciative, creating a great vibe that helped to bring the best out of the players. I am sure, they had a ball as well. Mark your calendars for next year's Smooth Jazz Festival Augsburg which will take place September 10-13, 2015.

Smooth Jazz Festival Augsburg 2014 - Saturday

Saturday night, Bob Baldwin appeared, backed by the house band, as a special guest, he had saxophone player Stephanie Lottermoser with him. He went into the funky "The Way She Looked At Me", putting the audience in the right mood right from the start, continuing the vibe with "Welcome To Planet Funky Onion" from his current album Twenty. The temperature was rising with his rendition of Herbie Hancock's "Chameleon", followed by his tribute to Weather Report with a tune called "Joe Zawinul" with great contributions by all band members, then doing another tribute song playing the acoustic piano with "For Grover And George" that featured Stephanie Lottermoser on sax. With the sad news of the passing of Joe Sample that day having come in, he did an impromptu tribute to the man on the grand piano with a nice medley, "Street Life" included. Next was his cover of "People Make The World Go Round" by the Stylistics, before he brought another special guest, saxophonist Marion Meadows to the stage to do "Summer Breeze" with him, breaking it down in the middle to play some wicked synth sounds to the delight of the crowd, while at the end Marion Meadows got his opportunity to provide some over the top sax playing. He finished his set with one more infectious track, having provided an entertaining hour of smooth jazz.

After the intermission, Matt Marshak on guitar and Marcus Anderson on sax were the featured artists, proving to be an excellent team of players to provide an entertaining show. I always loved the cool and funky playing style of Matt Marshak with his knack for melodies, and the soulful sax of Marcus Anderson, both rising stars of smooth jazz. After a mutual track, Matt Marshak did a couple of cool funky instrumentals, among them "Lifestyle" and the funky "Jumpin'" from his current album Lifestyle. Then it was Marcus Anderson's turn, doing a rousing set of uptempo dance tracks with some fiery playing, having the audience clapping along. Being a member of the band of Prince, he did "Paisley Red" which was inspired by the man, after that keeping the energy high with a lengthy James Brown inspired funk segment, giving each band member a solo spot, in addition he did some cool vocoder stuff on his EWI. Matt Marshak returned and slowed things down a bit with some more mellow grooves on the guitar, before doing his tribute to Larry Carlton with "Sleepwalker", which went down very well with the crowd. Marcus Anderson came back, turning up the heat again, before slowing it down singing Marvin Gaye's "I Want You", followed by some heartfelt sax playing, serenading the women in the audience, then picking up his flute to add another flavor to his music. Maze's "Joy And Pain" was a welcome addition as well, then a velvety sax track from his current Style Meets Substance album followed, which was smooth jazz bliss, during this song, he went out into the audience with a bunch of roses to hand out to some lucky females, you could see smiling and happy faces abound, one last woman had the privilege to come up with him to the stage, having Marcus serenade her and make her feel like a woman, teaching us men a lesson how to deal with the opposite sex. She was a good gal and played along nicely. Matt Marshak returned to the stage and turned up the groove with a nice George Benson medley, "Breezin'" was especially nice. As a special surprise, for the last song, they invited twin sisters Magdalena Chovancova on sax and Gabriela Chovancova on drums from the band Threestyle to the stage to play the Michael Jackson classic "Rock With You" with them, giving both their solo spots, allowing them to show their skills. People screamed for more and got a cover of the Prince hit "Kiss" with all players on stage, concluding a truly great high energy concert.

Smooth Jazz Festival Augsburg 2014 - Friday

Friday night, the opening act was 34 years old bass player Julian Vaughn, a rising star in the smooth jazz genre that plays a higher pitched bass as a lead instrument in the tradition of the late Wayman Tisdale who he met at age 17 the first time, an encounter that prompted him to follow his path and carry the torch of this style of smooth jazz bass playing. The house band backed him up, doing a great job as usual. He kicked right into high gear with his infectious and groovy style of playing, having the audience clap along, putting it in the right mood right from the start. With songs like "Can't Hide Love", "Ain't No Sunshine" and "Do You Remember The Time", he could do no wrong and had the audience in the palm of his hand with ease. He changed the sound of his bass with a few electronic gadgets to give us some variety, soloing beautifully on his instrument. For his rendition of Stanley Clarke's "Lisa", he invited Marcus Anderson to the stage, to add some heartfelt saxophone playing to the song. The party continued with The Whispers classic "Rock Steady" and the Kool & The Gang hit "Get Down On It", having people dance in front of the stage and the aisles. The crowd demanded more and got the treasured "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now" as an encore, bringing a truly great show to an end, you could feel the energy and joy in the room after his infectious show.

After an intermission, Dutch saxophone star Candy Dulfer was on, she appeared with her own band and crew, she had her old cohorts Ulco Bed on guitar and Manuel Hugas on bass, on drums was DJ Kikke, plus the two vocalists Andy Ninvalle and Ricardo Burgrust. She started her show with a melodic sax led smooth jazz instrumental that brought things nicely up to speed. Next was a pop song, followed by "Hey Now" from her current Crazy album, a reggae pop song, next came the title song "Crazy", having Candy moving definitely into pop dance territory, topping it with "What You Do (When The Music Hits)", which could be summed up as noisy mess, with its frantic beat and Euro pop elements, leaving many cold. At least she made up for it after that with a great rendition of "Lily Was Here", the song that launched her career, with a soaring guitar solo by Ulco Bed, providing the highlight of the show. After that, they did their new composition "History", a passable dance track, before an audience member requested "For The Love Of You", thankfully she accepted and played a few bars of the song, which was a lot more up the alley of the people in attendance - after all this was supposed to be a smooth jazz festival! This was the last breath of fresh air for us, before she went back to her scheduled program with "Bass In Your Face", an uptempo dance track featuring the rappers and bit of her sax playing, plus a drum interlude featuring DJ Kikke on snare drum and cymbal. Then as a little show element, "vocal artist" Andy Ninvalle did a nice beatbox and mouth instrument segment, that culminated in Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean", before she did her updated 2014 version of "Pick Up The Pieces", totally loosing the cool groove of the original and replacing it with the dreadful Euro pop beats she seems to be so fond of at the moment. Those who still remained in attendance requested an encore and got one more poppy dance track with some rap elements.

Smooth Jazz Festival Augsburg 2014 - Thursday

The 5th Smooth Jazz Festival Augsburg (7th if you count those in Bregenz and Munich that preceded it) took place at the Parktheater at the Kurhaus Göggingen in Augsburg, Germany. This year, the festival was slightly extended, beginning Thursday night, giving us one more evening of music compared to previous years. The festival has matured nicely and Christian Bössner, the man behind the event, is improving it every year. Fans from all across Europe and the US came in droves to see some of the best smooth jazz players on the scene, and this year's lineup was excellent as ever. The US players were supported by musical director Lutz Deterra on keys, Andy Pilger on drums, Günter Asbeck on bass and Martin Feske on guitar, the tried and tested band that is working hard during the festival to back up all the featured artists.

Thursday night, the festival was kicked off by guitarist Chris Standring, a British player who now resides in the US, having a successful career with a string of solo albums and a bunch of number #1 hits over the years, his playing is jazzy, soulful and intelligent, with a lot of depth, still it is funky and groovy, definitely not your usual smooth jazz fodder. After a bluesy tune, the did "Scatterfunk" from his current CD Don't Talk, Dance, featuring some cool wah-wah guitar, followed by the current single "Sneakin' Out The Front Door" that kept the funky groove going. Things slowed down with the introspective "Sunrise" from the Blue Bolero album, which provided a highlight for me. The pace picked up with "Oliver's Twist", a funky bossa nova with a catchy melody. He concluded his show with the beautiful "Constellation", a jazz-funk track from the Soul Express album, plus one more ultra-funky track, finishing a very entertaining show.

After an intermission, saxophonists Marion Meadows and Paul Taylor took over, despite the fact that each has his own inimitable style, they blended very well together. They opened their show together with a slamming track, after that, Paul Taylor did "Supernova" from his current Tenacity album, followed by Marion Meadows doing one of his mellow instrumentals on the soprano which was graced by an extended solo on acoustic guitar by Martin Feske. For the next song, special guest Chris Standring on guitar and Bob Baldwin on keyboards joined the band, funking things up considerably. Paul Taylor did his own "Tenacity", followed by his classic "Pleasure Seeker", featuring his sweet soprano saxophone. Then Marion Meadows took over again, before the groove picked up with a great funky track with a memorable hook that featured both players, plus a burning guitar solo by Martin Feske who was in a great playing mood. Paul Taylor did his "Horizon" from Prime Time, including an extended drum solo by Andy Pilger that was off the hook. They returned for one encore, adding Chris Standring to the band, having people dance in the aisles. This was a very good show that started the festival in style.

Kim Waters - Silver Soul

Welcome to the latest issue of Denis Poole's Secret Garden, the page that offers a personal perspective on the very best from the world of smooth jazz and classic soul.

Since 1989 and, the release of his debut CD Sweet & Saxy, sax-man Kim Waters has been a constant on the urban-jazz landscape. With a reputation for being one of the most technically gifted players around, his accomplishments include fourteen No. 1 singles, four No. 1 albums, sixteen top ten singles and crossover sets that have variously registered time on the Billboard 200, urban, contemporary jazz and top independent album charts. Now he is back with his 20th solo recording, Silver Soul.

Gardena Jazz Festival - Jazz in the Park

By Ricky Richardson

The City of Gardena was in a celebratory mood once again. On Sunday, August 24th, the city held its annual Gardena Jazz Festival. This is a signature event for the City of Gardena, held in Rowley Park, from 11:30AM-7:00PM.

Founded in 2003 by then Councilmember Steven Bradford, the Gardena Jazz Festival has already proven that it is one of the best in Southern California for the global jazz community.

The crowds arrived early, before the scheduled opening of the gates at 10:00AM. They wanted to find the perfect spot to enjoy and experience this day long musical festival, on this beautiful, sunny Southern California afternoon.

Rowley Park was festive with the sights of families, friends and fellow co-workers and children's gathered for a good time. The aroma of delicious foods filled the air whether it was from the many vendors on sight, or people bringing their own picnic baskets or coolers.

The melodic mellow sounds of contemporary jazz, R&B, and some straight ahead jazz provided the soundtrack for the thousands of music lovers gathered in the park. Pat Prescott of 94.7 The Wave served as Mistress of Ceremonies with DJ Quick keeping the summer grooves flowing on the ones and the twos in between acts.

Bennett Brandeis - Groove Time

Welcome to the latest issue of Denis Poole's Secret Garden, the page that offers a personal perspective on the very best from the world of smooth jazz and classic soul.

If you know the LA jazz scene then chances are you know Bennett Brandeis. Whether as part of the re-formed 5th Dimension's touring band or working in studio orchestras such as that at Universal for the television show Magnum P.I., this fine guitarist is all about the groove so it is no surprise that his latest release is the appropriately titled Groove Time. Produced by multi Grammy winning Paul Brown, and with the likes of Ricky Lawson, Greg Adams, Roberto Vally, Marco Basci, Elan Trotman and Darren Rahn around to lend a hand, this is an album that has come out of no-where to be rightly regarded as among the best of the year so far.

By Ricky Richardson

Long Beach - The Long Beach Jazz Festival returned to grassy knoll of the Rainbow Lagoon, on Saturday, August 9th and Sunday, August 10th. This was the 27th edition of the festival that put the City of Long Beach on the world wide jazz map. The weather was nice and pleasant for the most part on Saturday, and a bit hot on Sunday.

The 2014 Long Beach Jazz Festival theme was "A Healthy Taste of Jazz" because of the generous dose of contemporary and straight ahead jazz, classic soul and R&B served up to satisfy everyone's eclectic musical taste.

"A Healthy Taste of Jazz" also refers to the many information booths in the Health and Wellness Pavilion to give festival goers an overall personal awakening of their body, mind and soul. Representatives from American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, American Red Cross, Be the Match-Bone Marrow Donor (City of Hope), Community Family Guidance Center, Covered California, Guard-Heart, K. I. S. Foundation (Kiki Shepard's Sickle Cell Foundation), Loma Linda, Farmers Insurance (Financial and Estate Planning), Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Triple Step Toward The Cure Breast Cancer Foundation.

There were two additional themes that also could apply to the Long Beach Jazz Festival. "Here's To Life" to celebrate the life and legacy of two great musicians that were honored throughout the festival. The late, great Wayne Henderson and the late, great George Duke will forever hold a dear spot in the hearts and minds of music lovers all over the world.

My other unofficial theme for the 27th Annual Long Beach Jazz Festival was "Sing That Summer Song." I chose this theme due to the plethora of outstanding vocalists on the line-up for this wonderful festival.