About this site
My name is Peter Böhi and I was born in 1961. I live in Switzerland and run an own practice as an ob/gyn specialist. My hobbies and interests include a variety of things. My biggest hobby for over 30 years is collecting contemporary jazz. When I was 16 I discovered the music of artists like Eddie Harris, Herbie Hancock, Joe Farrell, Billy Cobham, George Benson, Hubert Laws and many others and as long as the music was funky, groovy and instrumental it was right up my alley.
As the music evolved over the years I got into smooth jazz, the kind you can hear on Art Good's Jazz Trax, the Wave in Los Angeles or KiFM San Diego. Back in 1996 when I founded this site it was very difficult to obtain information about artists, new releases and other related things. Smooth jazz often was distributed by small independent labels whose limited financial resources prevented them from advertising their artists extensively. With the advent of the web this situation changed dramatically and today there are a number of smooth jazz sites providing all information the smooth jazz aficionado needs. As a service to other contemporary jazz fans I collected a list of my favorite links that I have visited and found useful restricting myself to the best pages that are really devoted to this format and have shown to provide pertinent information.
Additionally you find on my site the now classic collection of Dan Margules' R&J Newsletter originally published on CompuServe. They provide a tremendous amount of CD reviews, interviews and general information about the contemporary jazz scene from the era between 1994 and 1995. Additionally I am glad to have leading smooth jazz journalists Jonathan Widran submitting his Contempo column he writes for JAZZIZ magazine and Brian Soergel offering his monthly column Smooth Sailing he writes exclusively for this site. I am also very happy to have Denis Poole contributing his Secret Garden column covering the smooth jazz scene from a British perspective. Beverly J. Packard contributes concert reviews and more on her Berks Jazz Vibes column. I am also grateful to have Danny Desart give us infos about the local Smooth Jazz scene in Las Vegas on his Song From The Desert page. A great new member of the team is Ronald Jackson who provides us with many CD reviews and more on his Ronald Jackson's Smooth Jazz Gateway column.
And last but not least I contribute a little to the site as well (as time permits). As a serious CD collector buying several hundreds of CDs each year I bump into a good title once in a while. So under the banner of Peter's Smooth Jazz Page I add some CD reviews and information, additionally I post some Smooth Jazz News as they reach me.
Enjoy my site and have fun!