August 19, 2003

Jazz Funk Master Paul Jackson Records with Tony Adamo

Herbie Hancock and The Headhunter’s recording of the classic track, ‘Chameleon’ forever changed jazz funk fusion and rock music. Paul Jackson is the hard hitting funk master and co-writer with Hancock of ‘Chameleon’ and ‘Hang-up Your Hang-ups,’ both jazz funk classics. Jackson is still at the forefront of the ever-changing jazz funk vibe. His musical brilliance continues to influence and change the music scene.

Paul is a true chameleon, ever changing, always exploring and pushing the envelope further into the jazz funk realm. New singer/songwriter, Tony Adamo and Adamo’s music producer, Jerry Stucker, were able to book Jackson for a recording date in San Francisco, California in between the Headhunters tour dates in August. Tony Adamo is fresh off of going #1 at on their smooth jazz chart with the song ‘Midnight Café,’ featuring Ernie Watts. Hoping to repeat the success of ‘Midnight Café,’ producer, Jerry Stucker brought in Paul Jackson to complete the all-star lineup on Adamo’s tune ‘Hey Lou.’ ‘Hey Lou’ previously featured Ernie Watts and Rodney Franklin. This tune is a first for Jackson, Watts and Franklin playing together. It will soon be re-released on UrbanZone Records Simple Sampler II. Paul Jackson will also pick up this tune for his new CD release in Japan. The addition of Jackson to this all-star group of musicians has made ‘Hey Lou’ an instant acid jazz funk classic. Tony Adamo’s yet untitled new CD will be released in 2004 and distributed by Thom Teresi’s Paul Jackson and the Headhunters will be headlining next at Jazz Alley in Seattle, Washington August 19-22. Paul Jackson’s website is Tony Adamo is listed under artist, Adamo at and his website is

Posted by Peter Böhi at August 19, 2003 6:09 AM