October 22, 2004

Do you have a song in your head? Tom Grant is interested

Tom Grant is calling on his fans for help with a new CD.

TomGrant_bw.jpgIf you've got some lyrics that you think are worth publishing, smooth jazz pianist Tom Grant might be interested in seeing what you’ve got. Grant, who has performed instrumental music for the majority of his career, freely admits that writing lyrics isn’t his strong point. So, although he knows he’s sticking his neck out a bit, he’s calling on fans to send any potential song lyrics that they’ve been working on to him.

If Grant does select your lyrics for an upcoming album, he’ll send you a copy of the album along with his latest project called Nice Work If You Can Get It. So it you have a great song, send it to Tom as an e-mail attachment to tom@tomgrant.com.

Posted by Brian Soergel at October 22, 2004 5:00 AM