November 18, 2004

Tony Adamo & Ernie Watts Record at Cherokee Studios

Tony_Adamo_bw.jpgTwo-time Grammy winner Ernie Watts layed down horn tracks for contemporary jazz vocalist, Tony Adamo’s new Soul Jazz CD at the legendary Cherokee Recording Studios, Los Angeles, California. This is the second time Watts has recorded with Adamo. Their first recording was on Adamo’s CD, Dance Of Love on Rhombus Records. Dance Of Love is currently receiving airplay in the US and Canada.

Jerry Stucker is again producing Adamo’s new Soul Jazz CD to be released early in 2005. (The buzz on this new CD started when Al Schmitt, Capitol Studios recently mixed three of Adamo’s songs for this new CD). The Robb brothers, owners of Cherokee have always been knocked out by Watts’ soulful playing and were delighted to have him record at their studio. Ernie began the recording session with War’s, “The World is a Ghetto.” Adamo’s vocals and Stucker’s arrangement might make this a jazz radio staple. The next song up, an original, “Wouldn’t You Like to Know” could generate a Nora Jones like response. The groove train was really hitting the tracks hard as Ernie stretched out and worked his magic on the Grover Washington Jr. tune, “Winelight,” with lyrics by Kurt Elling. Together, the magic vibe of Adamo’s silky smooth vocals and Watts’ mighty tenor wrapped itself around “Winelight,” and may just break this new artist to the public and get Watts nominated for another Grammy. Let the magic begin!

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Posted by Peter Böhi at November 18, 2004 6:15 AM