March 18, 2005

Visa Problems Postpone Matt Bianco Featuring Basia Tour

Matt Bianco Featuring Basia will now begin its U.S. tour in April.

An international snafu – in large part caused by restrictions put in place after September 11th – caused the cancellation of the first leg of the US. tour of Matt Bianco Featuring Basia.

Basia reports that the band’s tour manager submitted the members’ visas too late, and when the band tried to enter the country from their native England they were told their papers were not in order. A visa is required for both visits to the U.S. and those seeking residence.

“We’re sorry to the fans who missed our first four shows,” Basia says, referring to gigs scheduled for last week. “It’s a sign of the times, and none of us had been through this recently.”

Matt Bianco Featuring Basia recently released an album called Matt’s Mood with the single called “Ordinary Day.” The album marks a comeback for Basia, who hasn’t toured in the States since the mid-1990s. Meanwhile, the band has worked out its travel arrangements and will now begin its U.S. tour on April 5 in Minneapolis. All of the cancelled shows have been rescheduled or will be rescheduled shortly.

The tour will feature Basia and Matt Bianco's Danny White and Mark Reilly. In addition, numerous other musicians who appeared on Matt's Mood will join the tour, including trumpeter Kevin Robinson. Robinson, who appeared on all of Basia's solo albums, has been in a relationship with the singer for 14 years.

Posted by Brian Soergel at March 18, 2005 3:56 AM