June 3, 2005

It's No Mystery: ARTizen Offers Free Richard Elliot Song

Saxophonist Richard Elliot recorded a song called "Mystery" that can only be downloaded - for free. You do have to register, however.

RichardElliotMetroBlue.jpg?If you want to hear purchase Richard Elliot’s upcoming album called Metro Blue, you have to wait until it’s released on June 28. But, right now, you can download a song called “Mystery” that Richard recorded especially for his fans to download off the Internet. You can find the four-minute song at www.artizenmusic.com, a website that was unveiled this week.

ARTizen Music is the new record label that Elliot and trumpeter and partner Rick Braun debuted late last year. By the way, you won’t find “Mystery” on Metro Blue. The song was recorded during the same session as the new CD, but specifically for the free Internet download.

"It was done as an additional track to ‘Metro Blue,’ but for the specific purpose of not putting in on the CD," Elliot says. "You can only get it on the website. And it’s 100 percent free. You don’t have to buy the CD to get the track. We’re embracing the online side of things whole-heartedly. We know it’s been a little bit of a dilemma for some of the larger labels. All new technologies have challenges that you have to overcome."

Posted by Brian Soergel at June 3, 2005 1:10 AM