August 15, 2005

Secret Garden Snippet - Nils Headlines At Newport Pacific Festival

Nils-1.jpgReaders of Denis Pooleís Secret Garden, will know itís the place to go for a British perspective on all thatís good, and not so good, in the world of smooth jazz and classic soul. In order to bring you more of the news more of the time this latest Secret Garden Snippet delivers another current sound bite from the adult contemporary scene. Lisa Cook of Denver, via Wisconsin, has written to ask just when will that smooth jazz chart topper Nils be touring.

Well, I have news for Lisa. Nils will be headlining at the first annual Newport Pacific Jazz Festival, to be held at the Dragon Ridge Country Club, Henderson, Nevada over the weekend of August 27-28. He will be performing as part of the Saturday show from which proceeds will be donated to the Sharon Osborne Colon Cancer Program. Among many others lined up to appear are original Earth Wind and Fire members Morris Pleasure, Larry Dunn and Sheldon Reynolds performing as their new creation Devoted Spirits and opening the Saturday evening show will be the excellent Larry White Band. Many of you will remember Larryís 2004 sensational Unsolicited Material and he is also the driving force behind Newport Pacific Records. Newport Pacific recording star Shelley Taylor is also on the bill for the Sunday slot in the company of guitarist Doug MacDonald and the multi talented David Van Such.

If you can, make your way to Nevada for a great weekend of jazz and the chance to support some very deserving charities. For more go to

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Posted by Denis Poole at August 15, 2005 5:44 PM