October 14, 2006

Chris Botti Purchases Home In Manhattan

Trumpeter no longer has to live in New York hotels.

chrisbotti3.jpgChris Bottiís management team has confirmed that the smooth jazz trumpeter is homeless no more as he has purchased a home in Manhattan. But itís not just any home Ė ironically, itís one that was previously owned by Sting. Botti, of course, was once a member of Stingís band and has also toured with the superstar with his own band. They are also close friends.

The home is actually a posh Manhattan apartment in SoHo and was reportedly on the market for about $4 million. As has been reported often, Botti has been on the road pretty much all the time for almost seven straight years, living in hotels. It was at the beginning of his current marathon tour, in 1999, that he sold his New York apartment and dumped most of his possessions into a storage locker. Most recently, he had been living in the swank 60 Thompson hotel in Manhattan.

Posted by Brian Soergel at October 14, 2006 3:53 AM