February 23, 2007

Acoustic Alchemy's New CD Due In June

Acoustic Alchemy has completed a new album called This Way, which follows the band’s American/English project from 2005. Once again, the group led by the British guitar duo of Greg Carmichael and Miles Gilderdale recorded most of the album at the legendary Hansa Haus studios in Germany, but also utilized two studios in London and one in York, England.

The album includes all original songs, with titles including “Love Is All There Is,” “Who Knows,” “Slampop,” “Tied Up With String” and “Only In My Dreams.” In addition to guest stars Rick Braun on trumpet on the song “Carlos and the King” and Jeff Kashiwa on saxophone on the tune “Egg,” band members include Neil Cowley on piano, Snake Davis on sax, Terry Disley on piano, Greg Grainger on drums, Fred White on trumpet and Julian Crampton on bass.

This Way will be released on June 5.

This Way Track Listing

1. Love Is All There Is (G.Carmichael/M.Gilderdale) - 4:22
2. Ernie (G.Carmichael/M.Gilderdale) - 6:34
3. Who Knows (G.Carmichael/M. Gilderdale/A.H.White) - 3:56
4. Slampop (G.Carmichael/M.Gilderdale) - 4:47
5. Out of Nowhere (G.Carmichael/M.Gilderdale) - 3:38
6. This Way (G.Carmichael/M.Gilderdale) - 4:41
7. Tied Up With String (G.Carmichael/M.Gilderdale) - 5:12
8. Only In My Dreams (G.Carmichael/ M.Gilderdale) - 5:52
9. Carlos the King (G.Carmichael/ M.Gilderdale) - 5:52
10. Egg (G.Carmichael/M.Gilderdale/A.H.White) - 5:11
11. Now I'm On My Way (G.Carmichael/M.Gilderdale) - 4:44

Posted by Brian Soergel at February 23, 2007 3:54 AM