October 3, 2007

Larry Carlton Reworks His Hits

Carlton_GreatestHits.jpgThree-time Grammy Award-winning guitarist Larry Carlton is now offering a unique retrospective titled Greatest Hits Rerecorded, Volume One. Although artists in the past have reworked songs from the catalog in various ways – such as making electric songs acoustic – Carlton says this is truly different. It is.

To breath new life and spirit into the songs, he re-recorded nine songs with a new rhythm section featuring Jeff Babko on keyboards, Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, Paul Cerra on sax and Travis Carlton – who happens to be Carlton's son – on bass. In addition, all of Larry’s guitar solos are different than the originals. Among those songs are “Smiles and Miles to Go,” “Kid Gloves,” “Room 335” and “High Steppin’.” The CD is released on Carlton’s own 335 Records and can be purchased by going to his website at larrycarlton.com.

Highly recommended, and let's hope it isn't too long before Volume Two is offered.

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