April 23, 2008

Dave Koz Wants Your 3 Favorite Songs

kozblowing_1.jpgWhat’s your favorite smooth jazz songs by Dave Koz? The saxophonist is looking for your opinion as he is asking fans to vote for their three all-time favorite Koz songs as he plans to release his first-ever greatest hits CD in September. Koz makes the request on a humorous three-minute video that you can view at brickmanmedia.com/koz. During the video, Koz discloses several tongue-in-cheek secrets to making a hit single, including wearing a robe, eating a cantaloupe and warming up his fingers with a video game.

Making a cameo in the video is Koz’s niece Holly, who plays a kazoo while Koz plays a portion of his smash hit “You Make Me Smile.” That song is just one of Koz’s greatest hits, joining such classics as “Together Again,” “Let It Free,” “Honey-Dipped, “All I See Is You,” “The Bright Side” and “Can’t Let You Go,” among many others.

Posted by Brian Soergel at April 23, 2008 10:49 PM