February 5, 2009

DW3 -- Life, Love, & Music

Here’s an R&B/smooth jazz group with vocal chops that are easily as competent and prominent as their instrumental skills. Based in sunny California, I understand that DW3 is a household name out there. Their 2007 release, Life, Love, & Music, is proof positive as to why they enjoy such notoriety.

I first learned of them on this year’s Smooth Jazz Cruise with Wayman Tisdale. They provided some of the fullest sound imaginable as they offered poolside and late night grooves for the smooth cruisers, as well as backing vocals for acts like bassist Marcus Miller. These guys proved to be the perfect party band, but with the serious depth and substance that generally pushes certain artists into the arena of the contemporary and R&B heavyweights. I would recommend that all serious music lovers watch the scene for the emergence of these guys on a national scale in very short order.

On this releasa, exotic numbers like “I Can’t Help It” and “Can’t Imagine” work wonders in conjuring up a nice unruffled island evening sipping on some smooth remedy for the blues, while the rhythmic but unfortunately short “Ordinary People” gets the feet moving in a coolly Latin direction. Their elegant soul sound clearly surfaces in tunes like “Share My World” and "Goodbye Love.”

As I’ve already stated, this is a production that will capture your attention as much for vocal aptitude as for the melodic compositions. Treat yourself to a taste of DW3. Look them up for yourself at MySpace and see if you don’t agree that this is a group deserving of riding the high tide to national fame.

Posted by Ronald Jackson at February 5, 2009 9:46 PM