April 6, 2009

Berks Jazz Fest 2009: Metro

Saturday, I attended the late-night show of Metro at the Jazz Base in the Crowne Plaza Reading Hotel, Gerald Veasley's Jazz Base club. Metro is the fusion project of guitarist Chuck Loeb featuring Mitch Forman on keyboards, Dave Weckl on drums and Gerald Veasley on bass. The band was extended for this festival with additional soloists Randy Brecker on trumpet and Bobby Francescini on sax. They went through their hard hitting songs which were not primarily about melody, but much more about straight playing, soloing, and technical complexity. Bobby Francescini is a very powerful player giving us some great solos while the band was grooving like hell with the great Dave Weckl on drums and Gerald Veasley on bass providing the rock-solid foundation to the proceedings. Mitch Forman, Randy Brecker and Chuck Loeb added their share of excellent soloing, and the whole band proved to be a cohesive unit yielding an impressive concert.

Posted by Peter Böhi at April 6, 2009 4:13 PM