June 17, 2009

Noel Webb – Give It All

Five tunes. Ordinarily, seeing an album offering just 5 tunes might give one pause. That’s if they were just 5 tunes. These are five tunes from the very talented and insightful violinist Noel Webb who manages to wrap so much of himself in a tight fusion net that he unfurls here with equal doses of fervor and finesse. Give It All does just what its name commands and in electrifying fashion. These are not even long tunes (average is about 4 ½ minutes). Geez, it’s over before you can grasp what’s going on, you say? Wrong! This short ride is as enjoyable and defined as any 12-track project you’ve experienced. Obviously when you’ve limited yourself to such a short amount of time to strut your stuff, you want it to be with everything you’ve got. Webb has done that here.

The opening, very catchy tune sets the indelible mark on this project, and the rest of the album simply sails along, punctuating that opener. The fresh version of the classic “Where is the Love” with some really effective vocals provided by Trena Steward and Joel Gaines is quite refreshing, as is the popping, rather funky mid-tempo ditty at track three, “Take the Journey”, and track four with its lazy, soulful melody caressed by Webb’s fluid violin. Track 5, appropriately entitled “Cool,” is a finale that leaves us with a slinky, catchy melodic groove that has a mind of its own as it rolls along before the hook explodes in a marvelous crescendo.

Noel Webb is one who can definitely get away with a truncated CD. This production is loaded with some nicely arranged aural pleasures that most won’t have a problem replaying and replaying, despite its length. More is not always better. Sometimes, as singer Joss Stone once put it, “Less is More.” Case in point is certainly found in Give It All.

Posted by Ronald Jackson at June 17, 2009 9:12 PM