March 4, 2010

Osaru -- Home With the Keys

This is a good, melodic piece of work from Osaru, a multi-instrumentalist who plays everything on this, his sophomore release, Home With the Keys.

I have to admit that I have a few misgivings about the album, however. As nice as it is, it could have used a good, old fashioned human touch in the form of other live musicians accompanying Osaru on this project, in my opinion. I get it that this is supposed to be a keys/synth-based project, but there is a certain amount of monotony that distracts a bit from this otherwise fine album of really pleasant melodies and hooks.

Still, those melodies are strong enough to make it very difficult not to like this CD. Actually, the CD walks a fine line, in my opinion, between smooth jazz and new age.

Also, you may be able to say that the synth-induced sax has its good and its monotonous moments, but you cannot say that the tunes are, in and of themselves, unpleasant. Tender, with a certain sense of melancholy, the album puts you in the right place if thatís the mood where you find yourself at any given time.

Appealing tunes are not always funky, up-tempo, and in-your-face. Sometimes, a production like this is whatís needed to strike a good balance. As a balancer, Home With the Keys can certainly work.

Posted by Ronald Jackson at March 4, 2010 8:30 PM