March 25, 2010

Berks Jazz Fest 2010: Tuck & Patti, Earl Klugh

Sunday afternoon, another Smooth Jazz 92.7 Fan Appreciation Concert was held with the double bill of Tuck & Patti, followed by Earl Klugh. The shows took place in the Crowne Plaza Reading Ballroom.

Husband and wife duo Tuck & Patti feature Tuck Andress on guitar and Patti Cathcart on vocals. They hail from the San Francisco area and definitely brought a flower power vibe with them, their career spans 30 years by now allowing them to rely on each other blindly. Tuck's guitar technique is absolutely unique, he plucks and strums his strings with both hands playing several lines at the same time being a mini-orchestra, while Patti is a gifted singer with a great range of expression. They delved into their vast catalog, one of the standout tracks was their classic "Takes My Breath Away" and the interplay of those two created some truly mesmerizing moments. Additionally, both of the artists took the time for some lengthy comments, showing wit and insight. I really enjoyed this concert and am happy to see them going strong.

After the intermission, guitarist Earl Klugh and band appeared. I was happy to see that Earl delivered a show playing all his classic tracks from my favorite period of his career, backed by a first-rate band. He had David Lee on keyboards, Lenny Price on saxophone, Al Turner on bass and Ron Otis on drums, a band that worked like a well-oiled machine providing the perfect backdrop for the acoustic guitar of the leader. They played "Living Inside Your Love", "Last Song" and many more gems from his vast catalog, then bass player Al Turner stepped to the front of the stage to perform the title track of this current release Movin', then saxophonist Lenny Price did a beautiful rendition of "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" while later in the show keyboardist David Lee could show off his funk roots (being an early member of Parliament/Funkadelic). It was a great and entertaining concert full of memorable melodies and excellent playing by all involved.

Posted by Peter Böhi at March 25, 2010 4:03 PM