April 9, 2013

Berks Jazz Fest 2013: Brian Bromberg

At 10pm, I opted to skip the big star event at the Crowne Plaza and check out bassist Brian Bromberg who played in the Jazz Base, presenting his Compared To That album with a five piece horn section. I always admired his artistry on the bass and experiencing him play in the intimate setting of a club seemed rather enticing. He was supported by Joel Taylor on drums, Randy Brecker on trumpet, Chris Farr on tenor sax, Tom Zink on piano and keyboards, plus the Berks Jazz Fest Horns who appeared in their extended version. They kicked off the show with "Compared To That", a groovy uptempo number that featured several solos by the band members, followed by "I'm Just Sayin'", a song with a cool walking bass line that had many heads bopping along. Featuring his more introverted, darker side, he did "The Eclipse" and evoked a variety of sounds from his acoustic bass. Another favorite was "Rory Lowery, Private Eye" with its no holds barred, go for it feel having the band groove like hell. For the song "A Little Old School", he switched to his electric bass and funked things up considerably, the horn section was burning on this one. They continued the set with the swinging "It Is What It Is", the title track from the album of the same name, before they returned to the Compared To That album with Brian's cover of the Chicago classic "Doesn Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?" played on a higher tuned bass guitar, sounding close to a guitar, before they wrapped up the show with "Give It To Me Baby", originally done by Rick James, but his jazzed up version sounded definitively different. This was a really great straight ahead concert that tremendously benefitted from the Berks Jazz Fest Horns, who elevated the music to another level.

Posted by Peter Böhi at April 9, 2013 7:44 PM