Rueben Brock - Dig

An album has come to the attention of The Secret Garden this month that is an interesting diversion from the usual. Released by DHP Records, Dig, by jazz trumpeter Rueben Brock is an EP that is only available from the DHP website.

digcover.jpegShowcasing Brocks diverse talents Dig features six tracks all written, produced and performed by the man himself. The DHP publicity machine describes the recording as �blending the rough and raw production style of hip-hop with the textures and instrumentation of contemporary jazz. The result being a smooth and relaxing escape from the world of popular music�.

A personal view of the recording is that it is perhaps a little too much of a muchness as it hits a very mean and moody late night groove on track one and then stays right on in there for the duration of the album. That is very true with tracks #1 and #2, �Both Ways� and �Forbidden Fruit� although track #3 �Blues For Dominique� carries with it a straight-ahead flavour. Track #4, �How Much� is perhaps the album stand out and incorporates a dreamy sax overlay on what would very well work as a movie soundtrack to signify quiet late night city streets.

Track #5 is again a moody late night piece supported by a haunting beat which, in a way, provides more of an overall effect than being supportive of a single piece of music. This extended play closes with #6, the title track �Dig�, with a good drum scene setter and some interesting laid back sounds.

Dig is a very interesting piece of music and Rueben Brock is an interesting newcomer on the scene. Check it out at