Jazz Funk Master Paul Jackson Records with Tony Adamo

Herbie Hancock and The Headhunter�s recording of the classic track, �Chameleon� forever changed jazz funk fusion and rock music. Paul Jackson is the hard hitting funk master and co-writer with Hancock of �Chameleon� and �Hang-up Your Hang-ups,� both jazz funk classics. Jackson is still at the forefront of the ever-changing jazz funk vibe. His musical brilliance continues to influence and change the music scene.

Paul is a true chameleon, ever changing, always exploring and pushing the envelope further into the jazz funk realm. New singer/songwriter, Tony Adamo and Adamo�s music producer, Jerry Stucker, were able to book Jackson for a recording date in San Francisco, California in between the Headhunters tour dates in August. Tony Adamo is fresh off of going #1 at Soundclick.com on their smooth jazz chart with the song �Midnight Caf�,� featuring Ernie Watts. Hoping to repeat the success of �Midnight Caf�,� producer, Jerry Stucker brought in Paul Jackson to complete the all-star lineup on Adamo�s tune �Hey Lou.� �Hey Lou� previously featured Ernie Watts and Rodney Franklin. This tune is a first for Jackson, Watts and Franklin playing together. It will soon be re-released on UrbanZone Records Simple Sampler II. Paul Jackson will also pick up this tune for his new CD release in Japan. The addition of Jackson to this all-star group of musicians has made �Hey Lou� an instant acid jazz funk classic. Tony Adamo�s yet untitled new CD will be released in 2004 and distributed by Thom Teresi�s www.rhombus-records.com. Paul Jackson and the Headhunters will be headlining next at Jazz Alley in Seattle, Washington August 19-22. Paul Jackson�s website is www.pauljackson.jp. Tony Adamo is listed under artist, Adamo at Soundclick.com and his website is http://www.jazznow.com/Adamo/adindex.html.