Playtime - great smooth jazz

playtime.jpgAs an avid CD collector I bump into a great CD once in a while. On I discovered a great CD by a duo called Playtime which really impressed me. It is called Red Arrow Highway and was conceived as smooth jazz project founded by Detroit area session pros Brian Brill and Robert Tye. While working on advertising jobs, they began exchanging ideas to record original compositions on the side. Experimenting with early tracks cut at Brill's own studio, over time the two refined their collaborations into a polished form which ultimately led to Red Arrow Highway.

This album boasts top-notch production and great smooth playing by all involved. Contemporary grooves, melodic playing and tasteful laid back arrangements result in a very satisfying smooth jazz record which I heartily recommend to any lover of the genre. Featured guest soloists include Mark Kieme on soprano sax and Rich Illman on trumpet.

It is great to see that independently produced albums offer such a great level of musicianship and I recommend to anyone to check out the smooth jazz section at from time to time - some great stuff waits there to be discovered.

To check out Playtime and to listen to sound samples click here!