Tony Adamo Grooves Closer To National Radio Airplay

Adamodance.jpgJeff Charney, Radio personality at hot 103 KPRS Kansas City, MO and owner of website was first to nationally break �Midnight Caf�,� featuring Ernie Watts. Jeff has called singer/songwriter Tony Adamo �a modern day Lou Rawls.� Jeff says of �Midnight Caf�,� � it�s smooth, it grooves and it is just right to break this crooner out to the public.� CIM Radio, New York City has called Adamo �a smooth jazz power voice,� and made Tony�s CD, DANCE OF LOVE, editors pick. Ted Hasiuk, one of Canada�s smooth jazz pioneers is now playing �When Love Comes Over You� and has said �this song fits right into my radio format for my show, Jazz Caf�,� on 88.1 FM Toronto, Canada. Skyjazz Radio made Adamo its New Discovery Artist on March 2003 and started playing the song �Hey Lou.� As of July 2003, Skyjazz Radio listeners voted Tony Adamo their favorite new artist. John Beaudin, drive time announcer at 103.1, The Breeze, Calgary, Canada and owner of dug Tony�s music so much that he interviewed Adamo for his website. Jeff Charney also did a live radio interview with Tony Adamo that was heard on KRNB, Dallas, TX and KPRS, Kansas City, MO.

As of June 2003, picked Adamo as one of the most successful Internet stories for this year and his song �Live for your Love� is #51 on their top 100 indie chart. At, January 2003, Tony Adamo went #1 on the smooth jazz chart with the song �Passport.� #2 was Joyce Cooling, #3 was Lee Ritenour, #4 was Pattie Labelle. February of 2003 his song, �Ecstasy� went #1 on the smooth jazz chart at Lee Ritenour was #4, Pattie LaBelle was #7 and Joyce Cooling was #13. July 2003 the song �Midnight Caf�,� featuring Ernie Watts went to #1 on the smooth jazz chart. At to date Adamo has accounted for over 150,000 downloads, a phenomenal achievement for an unknown artist. Tony is listed under artist, Adamo at

On the jazz vocal charts at Adamo is #2. is Australia �s #1 music site. in the U.S. Adamo�s song �Live for your Love� climbed to #8 on their top 500 jazz and smooth jazz charts. Adamo is on many other Internet charts and is being picked up daily by additional Internet music sites.

Jim Santella of the L.A. Jazz Scene Magazine says, �Adamo leaves the impression that smooth jazz was designed with the magic of his vocal interpretations in mind.� Lee Prosser, of calls Adamo �a gifted jazz vocalist/songwriter, and the David Bowie of the smooth jazz set. Adamo has quite the unique voice. His new CD release, DANCE OF LOVE, is a big winner in the smooth jazz vocals category.� Derick Winterburg, owner of, made Tony Adamo a new discovery artist and said, �now, when I say smooth jazz vocalist, I don�t mean what most of the smooth jazz radio stations mean. They�ll play Al Jarreau and Luther Vandross and tell you that you�re hearing smooth jazz. That being said, if you want to hear some true smooth jazz vocals you need to get yourself a copy of DANCE OF LOVE by newcomer, Tony Adamo.�