Welcome To Berks Jazz Vibes!

This column is designed to keep your finger on the pulse of jazz in Reading, Pennsylvania, home of the annual Berks Jazz Fest! I'm excited about sharing my impressions of artists who visit us during this ten-day event every March! A relative newcomer to the 'jazz scene,' I suppose there's nowhere better than Berks to become immersed in this genre and to learn quickly about the artists and their music! It helps to have a husband who knows a lot about the roots of traditional jazz and the progression over the years to contemporary jazz, as we call it. And who takes great pictures, some of which you will see here!

My own passion has become attending shows and then writing about what I have seen, heard, and learned! I have found artists to be accessible, easy to get to know, with an absolute dedication to their fans! My impressions will be of the artists and his/her stage performance from the perspective of an avid fan. I come from a large family and so to me, this big family of jazz artists and fans provides a wonderful opportunity to be part of something that is both significant and uplifting in the lives of so many of us!

I find there is such a bond between avid fans of jazz music, and this is my way of staying connected to you and helping you be connected to Berks all during the year! So for now, I'll get back to finishing my reviews from Berks Jazz Fest 2004, including the All Star Jam, Special EFX featuring Chieli Minucci and Jeff Kashiwa, Steve Oliver, Chris Botti, Jimmy Sommers, Hiroshima, and Doc Powell. Watch for these reviews to appear, one by one!

A special thank you to Peter Boehi, host of this site!