SwissGroove - great streaming radio

sun_radiovisual_swissgroove2.bmpI joined the team of SwissGroove Radio and will select some of my favorite tracks for a weekly two hours show. It is broadcasted each Sunday evening at 9pm CET and re-broadcasted Wednesday evening at 9pm CET (which for the US on the west coast is noon and on the east coast 3pm). I will give you a nice selection of lesser known artists and new stuff deserving your attention. I try not to play the same stuff over and over you hear on your local smooth jazz stations (which all depend on the same input from Broadcast Architecure).

SwissGroove Radio is operated by Patrik Jungo whose passion is finding new grooves and making radio. The emphasis music wise on SwissGroove is the emerging format called lounge, downtempo or chill out music with other genres like smooth jazz, brazil, r&b, funk, dub and world thrown in for good measure. Be prepared for an adventurous and stimulating ride through the universe of sounds and grooves from around the planet. This radio is absolutely unique and very recommended!