Basia returns after 10 years - sort of

Basia's last solo CD came 10 years. Now she's back on a new album by the group that gave her her start - Matt Bianco.

basia.jpgOne of smooth jazz�s biggest stars from a decade ago, Basia, joins one of today's top stars, Peter White, on a new album being released this month in Europe and Japan by Universal called Matt�s Mood by the pop-jazz band Matt Bianco.

It was back in 1984 that Matt Bianco, co-founded by Peter�s brother, Danny White, made its debut with an album called Whose Side Are You On? featuring Basia�s vocals and Peter�s guitar work. Basia left the group after that album, along with her producer Danny White, to concentrate on Basia�s solo career, which would boast two albums that reached #1 on Billboard�s Contemporary Jazz charts: Time and Tide and London Warsaw New York.

Now, although Basia has not released a solo album since 1994, she is reunited on the new album with brothers Danny and Peter White and Mark Reilly. Peter plays plays guitar or accordion on five songs. Matt�s Mood is scheduled to be released in the United States and Canada in the spring of 2005.

�It�s not a Basia record, but there�s a lot of Basia on it," says Peter White. "And there's a lot of me on it, too. I'm very proud of the record."

The first single is "Ordinary Day."

Here are the songs:

1. Ordinary Day
2. I Never Meant To
3. Wrong Side of the Street
4. La Luna
5. Golden Days
6. Ronnie Samba
7. Say the Word
8. Kaliedo Scope
9. Slip & Sliding
10. Matt's Mood III
11. Ordinary Day- (bonus track in Japan)