Craig Chaquico In His Own Time Zone On New CD

Smooth jazz guitarist Craig Chaquico goes from contrasts on his new CD, Midnight Noon.

Chaquico.jpgGuitarist Craig Chaquico has finished recording his seventh album, Midnight Noon, his seventh solo effort overall and the follow-up to 2002�s Shadow and Light, which produced the smooth jazz hit �Luminosa.�

The album features 10 songs with titles that Craig says all belong to the overall feeling of duality, time and contrast that he is trying to achieve. Titles include �Dream Date,� �Bobby Sox,� �Jazz Noon� and the first single, �Her Boyfriend�s Wedding.� Unlike previous albums, which have included numerous guest artists, Midnight Noon spotlights longtime band members � keyboardist and co-composer Ozzie Ahlers, saxophonist Kevin Paladini, bassist Jim Reitzel, drummer Wade Olson and percussionist Marquinho Brasil.

�The title of the album is based on an old jazz expression called 'jazz noon,' " says Chaqucio. " 'Jazz noon' is midnight, 12 a.m. I heard that years ago, and whenever I thought about it it was just so intriguing to me that that was jazz noon was midnight. Most people�s noon is noon. But in the jazz world some clubs don�t even open until 11 o�clock at night and the second set starts at 2 a.m. There was just something interesting about the other side of the clock.�

The two guests who are on the CD are keyboardist and producer Bill Heller, who has performed with the Rippingtons, and vocalist April Hendrix, who sings �Always With You� and has performed with the band 3rd Force.

Midnight Noon

1. Her Boyfriend�s Wedding
2. Dream Date
3. El Gato
4. Always With You
5. Bobby Sox
6. Dial Del Zorro
7. Jazz Noon
8. Girl�s Night Out
9. Equinox
10. Outlaw in the City