Praful Show In Greenland?

Praful may get a "cool" reception at a show in Greenland.

Praful.jpgTickets for saxophonist/multi-instrumentalist Praful�s upcoming performance in Greenland may be hard to get.

The concert is a prank.

On his newly redesigned website at, the musician features a map of the world, where you can click on a region to see where he�s scheduled to perform. When you click on Greenland, an Oct. 7 concert is listed as �Praful live at the annual polar bear convention.�

�It�s a joke,� Praful admits. �Is there such a thing as a polar bear convention?�

Truthfully, though, Praful does has some upcoming performances in the United States. His current hit is called �Let the Chips Fall,� the follow-up to his smash single called �Sigh� from his album One Day Deep.