Chris Standring Will Join Dad for a Good Cause

Chris Standring will help his father as he walks the length of the British Isles to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

ChrisStandring_bw.jpgSmooth jazz guitarist and England native Chris Standring, who now lives in Southern California, will soon be helping his father on the adventure of a lifetime. After Chris finishes the last of four performances in London on Sept. 28, he�ll join 70-year-old Alistair Standring for a few days on a 1,000-mile walk to help raise awareness of prostate cancer.

�My father turned 70 this year, and being the active sort of chap he is, he�s decided to take it upon himself to walk the length of the British Isles," says Standring. "It�s going to take him 10 weeks. He�ll be doing about 20 miles a day with his two dogs dressed in orange outfits.�

On Aug. 23, the grandfather and father of four left Land�s End in southwestern England and, if everything goes according to schedule, is expected to arrive in the town of John o�Groats on the northeastern tip of Scotland on Oct. 24th. The senior Standring was inspired to do the walk after he lost a friend to prostate cancer and discovered other friends who had been diagnosed with it. Alistair, a salesman from Oxfordshire in England, will also be joined by his partner, Yvette, on some of the route.

Local television and radio stations will document his progress, and more than 800 salesmen from Alistair�s company will be raising funds for Alistair across the U.K. If you want to donate or find out more information about the walk, you can go to

Meanwhile, Chris Standring�s tour dates are supporting his current album Groovalicious, which features the singles �Ain�t Mad Atcha� and �Miss Downtown Sugar Girl.�