Jeff Golub Signs With Higher Octave

Guitarist Jeff Golub has a new label and is now working on a brand-new album.

jeffgolub_bw.jpgGuitarist Jeff Golub has signed a record deal with Higher Octave, an imprint of the Narada label, and expects to release a new album in the spring of 2005. He has already started working on new material.

Jeff has previously record eight solo albums, including his last three for the GRP/Verve label: Dangerous Curves, Do It Again and his current Soul Sessions. That album features two hit singles: �Boom Boom� and �Pass It On.� Meanwhile, Jeff is currently on tour with Guitars and Saxes, which has Jeff on stage with Marc Antoine, Euge Groove and Warren Hill.

�It�s important, with the people you work with at a record label, that they understand what you want to do and what is different about you than another artist," says Golub. "So that everybody doesn�t just keep making the same records.�