Peter Max Designing New Yellowjackets CD

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The Yellowjackets' new CD will be available in March 2005.

Legendary jazz-fusion band the Yellowjackets have completed their next album, which will have 11 all-new songs. According to keyboardist Russ Ferrante, the CD doesn't have a title yet, but the cover art will be designed by world-famous artist Peter Max.

Max was a painter for four former U.S. presidents: Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. He also created posters for President Bill Clinton's inauguration. Max has created stamps and has been the official artist for the Emmys, Woodstock, five Super Bowls and the U.S. Tennis Open, among others.

The CD is expected to be released in March 2005 on the Heads Up label, which is also releasing a Yellowjackets holiday CD called Peace Round on Sept. 28. The CD was released last year exclusively on and at the band's concerts.

In addition to keyboardist Ferrante, the Yellowjackets feature Bob Mintzer on sax, Jimmy Haslip on bass and Marcus Baylor on drums. The band's last album, released in 2003 by Heads Up, is called TimeSquared.

Song titles for upcoming Yellowjackets CD

1. Hunter's Point
2. Suite Fifteen
3. March Majestic
4. The Hope
5. Mother Earth
6. Cross Current
7. Youth Eternal
8. Aha
9. 57 Chevy
10. Free Day
11. Unity