Gabriela Anders Co-Stars In Online Movie Thriller

Gabriela Anders appears as a sexy lounge singer in a new Internet movie.

GabrielaAnders_LastTangoInRio.jpgSmooth jazz vocalist Gabriela Anders has had her music used in numerous commercials, including those for Crest and Tropicana. Now you can hear and see the sexy Argentine native, who now lives in New York, in a 13-minute commercial by Mercedes-Benz being marketed online as a thriller with an all-star cast.

Debuting this week is a mini-movie called The Porter, which you can see at In it, Gabriela sings a song in a bar where a pivotal scene of the movie takes place. The movie tells the story of a porter at a five-star hotel in Budapest who becomes wrapped-up in a diamond smuggling operation.

Bryan Ferry of the group Roxy Music plays a jewel smuggler, English singer and actor Max Beesley is the porter and Dannii Minogue � the sister of pop star Kylie Minogue � is the seductive nightclub owner. You can see more of Anders in a link that takes you to an interview, which also shows more of her performance. You can also download her song �The Wave� at the site.

Of course, also at the heart of the movie is Mercedes-Benz�s new CLS class four-door coupe. It�s a unique advertisement, featuring the equally unique music of Anders, who is now promoting her brand-new album, Last Tango In Rio.