Innovative jazz-hip hop trumpeter Russell Gunn to receive SESAC Award in NYC

Inventive jazz-hip hop trumpeter Russell Gunn will receive a national performance activity award from performing rights organization SESAC in New York City at a luncheon on Monday, October 25.� The award honors airplay over the past year on jazz radio.� The timing is perfect as Gunn�s latest disc, Ethnomusicology Volume 4, will be released on October 26th by Justin Time Records.� The album was recorded live in Atlanta and brings to a close Gunn�s Ethnomusicology series. �Two of the albums in the cutting-edge series received Grammy nominations.� The artist has received critical acclaim for his ability to deftly incorporate the rhythms and the rhymes of the streets into unique sonicscapes, which crash, clash and collide with classical jazz, R&B, blues, rock, dance and a variety of ethnic music