Secret Garden Snippet - Vlad Hits The Charts

Vlad.jpgReaders of Denis Poole�s Secret Garden, will know it�s the place to go for a British perspective on all that�s good, and not so good, in the world of smooth jazz and classic soul. In order to bring you more of the news more of the time this new Secret Garden Snippet feature brings sound bites from the adult contemporary scene as they happen. This time news of Vlad.

Reported this week from New York, NY, Vlad's first single from his Vladosphere CD, �Little Star�, made its debut at #32 on the New Music Weekly Charts. It climbed in above other debut songs by such artists as Amy Grant, John Mayer and Ryan Cabbera. According to Masika Swain, associate editor at New Music Weekly Magazine: �Vlad has made quite an impact with 'Little Star.' A lot of people are talking about it and listening to it.�

His debut also coincides with his presence this week in Sound & Vision Magazine and Billboard Monitor. Look out for an in depth review of Vladosphere in an up coming edition of The Secret Garden.

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