Smooth Jazz Radio Station Adding Chill Music To Its Mix

CD 101.9 in New York is chilling out.

Beginning today, smooth-jazz radio station WQCD (101.9 FM) in New York is incorporating more chill music into its mix.

It's now known as New York Chill. The station is including about 30 percent of the music into its smooth jazz rotation.

Chill music - also known as "downtempo" - incorporates elements of pop, jazz, electronica and world music. The genre's stars include Tosca, Thievery Corporation, Air, Charles Afton and Zero 7.

In the United States, the first full-time radio station playing chill music is KLBU, Blue 102.9, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The show is streamed live on the Internet at In addition, smooth jazz trumpeter Chris Botti has a weekly radio show called Chill With Chris Botti that debuted Sept. 4 and is now heard on numerous radio stations. Another popular syndicated show that CD 101.9 already airs is The Groove Boutique with host and mixer Rafe Gomez.

This year, the Rendezvous Music label, which is co-owned by saxophonist Dave Koz, released an album called Rendezvous Lounge. It features stars of the chill music genre and featured the smooth jazz single "Time to Lounge" by Alkemx. In February 2005, it will re-release a CD called Les Seigneurs by the chill music duo of Adani & Wolf. The label has just released a song by the group, "Daylight," to smooth jazz radio.