Ronny Jordan Now An A&R Guy

Smooth jazz guitarist Ronny Jordan will work behind the scenes at a new label called N-2 Groove Music.

RonnyJordan_live.jpgAlthough Ronny Jordan is doing quite well as a smooth jazz guitarist, he is now working behind the scenes for his record label, N-Coded Music, on a brand-new subsidiary label called N-2 Groove Music. Ronny says the musical direction of the label will be �groove in the name of jazz hip-hop and neo-soul.�

Jordan, who most recent CD is called After 8, is working with two artists, who will be named later, to have their first releases on the label by the spring of 2005. Jordan, who is British but now lives in New York, helped pioneer the �acid jazz movement� in contemporary jazz more than 10 years ago.

As the artists-and-repertoire agent for N-2 Groove Music, Jordan says he wants to impart his knowledge of the music industry with others.

�You know, there�s very few A&R people within the industry who actually know what they�re doing," he says. "My plan�s just to change the game when it comes to this job. I�ve toured, I�ve recorded. I can relate to the artists better than a lot of other A&R people can. Just having a good ear is not enough. Not only are my artists going to learn from me musically, they�re going to learn the business side of it as well.�