Song of the Week: Ken Navarro -- "Breathe"

KenNavarroLoveColouredSoul_small.gifKen Navarro�s �Breathe� is like a breath of fresh air. The song from his new Love Coloured Soul CD is a smart single for adventurous smooth jazz radio stations looking to add more adventurous listeners. Most of Navarro�s songs are perfectly beautiful and serene. �Breathe,� however, spins a driving, chugging rhythm section anchored by Andre Webb and Kevin Prince, but mostly offers some pretty fast guitar picking by Navarro. Don�t get me wrong � �Breathe� is not the unlistenable stuff some artists tack onto the end of their projects to show they can play. �Breathe� shows Navarro can play, furiously at time, but still works as one of the best smooth jazz songs you�re going to hear in a while.

Of course, Navarro is free to go all out now that he�s back on the Positive Music label, the same one he founded more than a decade ago. Love Coloured Soul is now only available at, but will be in stores on Jan. 25, 2005.