Basia Will Tour With Matt Bianco

Smooth jazz vocalist Basia will tour this year after a long hiatus.

basia2.jpgA smooth jazz voice from the past will soon be touring in the United States with a nine-piece band. Basia, whose solo smooth jazz hits include �Promises,� �New Day For You� and �Cruising For A Bruising,� is expected to announce several dates for a tour with the band Matt Bianco. The tour is expected to begin on April 5, but will include a date on March 8 in New York to coincide with the release on the new Matt Bianco album called Matt's Mood on the Decca label.

The band, once the most popular in England, released their debut album in 1982 with Basia, vocalist Mark Reilly and keyboardist Danny White, among others. Danny White is the brother of smooth jazz guitarist Peter White. The American tour, marking the first time the original line-up has ever toured together as a band.

Matt�s Mood features Basia with the original group, as well as several guests appearances by Peter White. The album was released in Europe and Japan in March 2004.

Matt's Mood marks the first time that Basia�s vocals have appeared on an album in 11 years. Singles that have been played overseas include "La Luna," "I Never Meant To" and "Ronnie's Samba."