Dave Koz's New CD To Pay Homage To The Movies

Dave Koz is working on a follow-up to his Saxophonic CD.

Smooth jazz saxophonist Dave Koz is now working on a follow-up album to 2003�s Grammy-nominated Saxophonic that will be unlike anything he�s done before.

The album will be Koz�s interpretations of his favorite songs and themes from the movies and will have symphonic and orchestral elements.

�One of the things that I love is all the classic movie scores, the romantic movie scores," Koz says. "You think of your favorite films over the last 40 to 50 years and you can think of so many fantastic melodies. I'm sifting through all these great melodies to come up with the 10 or 12 that really, really say what I want to say.�

The CD, which is untitled at this point, will be released later this year.

Koz's current smooth jazz hit is �Let It Free."