Manager Says Book�s Claims About Chris Botti Show At Inauguration Are Inaccurate

Did Sting derail a performance by Chris Botti at the presidential inauguration?

chrisbotti3.jpgChris Botti had been invited to perform during President George W. Bush�s inauguration festivities, but had to decline due to shows that were already scheduled.

However, an upcoming book claims that Sting, whom Botti has performed with, had a hand in the matter. Toby Rogers, in his book on Bush called The Blue And The Red, claims that Sting � who is no fan of Bush � forcibly convinced Botti not to perform at the inauguration because it could ruin the trumpeter�s career.

However, Botti�s management says the account in the book is simply untrue. "The information published is completely and totally inaccurate,� says Botti manager Marc Silag. �The author and his publisher went to press without corroborating the facts. Beyond that, I have no comment."

Botti, who opens for vocalist Josh Groban beginning Jan. 25th, performed in Oakland, California, on Jan. 18 and Jan. 19 and began a four-day run in Seattle on Jan. 20.