Remix Artist Rafe Gomez Updating Seminal Smokey Robinson Ballad

Smokey Robinson's classic "Quiet Storm" will be remixed by the host of The Groove Boutique radio show.

In 1975, classic Motown soul singer Smokey Robinson released an album called A Quiet Storm that actually helped to create a new musical format of sensual R&B ballads.

Twenty years later, Rafe Gomez � the host of the nationally syndicated radio show The Groove Boutique � will give Smokey�s classic song a chill-music face lift. The remix, performed with a live band that includes vibraphonist Roy Ayers and using Smokey�s original lyrics, will be included as a bonus track in an anthology of Smokey�s music to be released in February.

A longer version of the song will be available March 29 on an album called Motown Remixed.

�I heard Smokey�s vocal and was so stunned by its beauty and purity that I decided to not touch it," Gomez says. "There is no processing, no effects, nothing, on this vocal. For curiosity�s sake, I put it through this computer program called an auto tuner. You can see on the screen what the notes that the vocalist sang and compare them with the notes that are the right notes. They were perfect. There was no difference.�

Gomez�s original song called �Icy� from the album The Groove Boutique: Volume One is being played on numerous smooth jazz radio stations.