Tom Grant Finishes New Album With Vocalist Valerie Day, Formerly With Nu Shooz

Tom Grant's new project, like his last, will be a jazz record -- with a familiar voice from the 1980s.

TomGrant_bw.jpgSmooth jazz pianist and Oregon native Tom Grant has finished work on a new album, his 21st, which features jazz singer Valerie Day and is called Side By Side. In her previous pop life, Day was a member of the Portland, Oregon-based band Nu Shooz in the 1980s and sang on the band�s hit single �I Can�t Wait.�

Grant's 13-song album spotlights mostly jazz and pop standards from the 20th century American songbook and features just Tom�s piano and Valerie�s vocals. The album, to be released in March on Grant�s Nu-Wrinkle label, is his follow-up to Nice Work If You Can Get It, an album of jazz standards that showcased his vocals.

Meanwhile, Grant will return to his roots when he performs in a reunion concert this summer with his original band from the 1980s that performed on his early albums called Take Me to Your Dream, Night Charade and Mango Tango. Those band members included Dan Balmer on guitar, Carlton Jackson on drums and Jeff Leonard on bass.

The reunion show is Aug. 13th in Portland, Ore.