Rendezvous Label Completes "Golden Slumbers" Vocal Album

The second edition of Dave Koz's A Father's Love features all vocal songs.

The Rendezvous label, co-founded by saxophonist Dave Koz, has finished an album called Golden Slumbers: A Father's Love, the sequel to the highly successful, Grammy-nominated Golden Slumbers: A Father's Lullaby album that was released in 2002.

The new album this time features all vocal tracks instead of instrumentals. Each artist was asked to bring their own perspective on what fatherhood means to them, and the result is a work of both original recordings and new interpretations of classic songs.

"The CD is really a celebration of the bond between fathers and their kids," Koz says. "And this time you get to hear lyrics. And it really gives this poignancy to the CD. It�s a very different kind of feeling. When vocalist fathers are singing about their kids, and there�s like that personal thing you can feel in their voice, it�s powerful�

The album features vocals by Michael McDonald, Will Downing, Phil Collins, Dave Matthews, Richard Marx, Jon Secada, Loudon Wainwright, Solomon Burke, Carlos Ponce and actor James Earl Jones.

Among the cover songs are country music singer Buddy Jewell on Luther Vandross� �Dance With My Father� and Smokey Robinson on Joe Cocker�s �You Are So Beautiful.� In addition, saxophonist Kirk Whalum wrote and produced a song called �My Little Man,� which features Kirk on the sax and his son Kevin Whalum on vocals.

The album is executive produced by Koz and his brother, Jeff Koz. Golden Slumbers: A Father�s Love will be released on April 5.

Golden Slumbers: A Father's Love

1. Life Is Just A Matter Of Time (Solomon Burke-Jeff Koz) (featuring Solomon Burke and Dave Koz)
2. You Touch My Heart (Phil Collins) (featuring Phil Collins)
3. Lullaby (Billy Joel) (featuring Will Dowing)
4. Dance With My Father (Luther Vandross-Richard Marx) (featuring Buddy Jewell)
5. That�s My Job (Gary Burr) (featuring Richard Marx)
6. Baby (David J. Matthews) (featuring Dave Matthews)
7. When Scarlet Smiles (Michael McDonald) (featuring Michael McDonald and Dave Koz)
8. You�ll Be In My Heart (Phil Collins) (featuring Carlos Ponce with Inner Voice)
9. You Are So Beautiful (Bruce Fisher-William E. Preston) (featuring Smokey Robinson and Dave Koz)
10. Find Me In Your Dreams (Jon Secada) (featuring Jon Secada and Dave Koz)
11. Daughter (Peter Blegvad) (featuring Loudon Wainwright
12. My Little Man (Kirk Whalum) (featuring Kirk Whalum and Kevin Whalum)
13. Children (Kahili Gibran) (featuring James Earl Jones)