Secret Garden Snippet - Steve Cole Back On Track

SteveCole_live.jpgReaders of Denis Poole�s Secret Garden, will know it�s the place to go for a British perspective on all that�s good, and not so good, in the world of smooth jazz and classic soul. In order to bring you more of the news more of the time this latest Secret Garden Snippet delivers another current sound bite from the adult contemporary scene. A welcome visitor to WNUA 95.5 Chicago last week was local boy Steve Cole.

He was in the studio to talk about his latest CD release, Spin that is due in the record stores on the third Tuesday of April 2005. It will be his first recording since NYLA in March 2003, a fact due, in part, to the discontinued interest by his previous label, Warner, in its jazz output. Now signed to Narada Jazz he is set to resume a recording career that started with a bang in 1998 with his debut Stay Awhile on Atlantic. His follow up, Between Us, two years later, was good but over reliant on Brian Culbertson�s production techniques. In the end it lacked the depth that could have really stamped him as a major player on the smooth jazz scene.

Steve Cole has remained a constant presence on the smooth jazz tour circuit and his many fans will now look to Spin to put him right back in the spotlight. If the track that is rumored to be the first single, �Thursday�, is anything to go by he might just get there.

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