Soul Ballet Offers Two New Songs On Remix Album

Want more Soul Ballet? Rick Kelly offers remixes and two news songs on a new effort.

Soul Ballet, a concept band led by Rick Kelly, is now offering two brand-new songs as part of a remix album called All The Pretty Lights, Volume 1.

�It�s like all the things I wanted to do on the first couple albums with those tracks, I�m able to do because I can just make them very, very long and seductive and hypnotic," says Kelly. "It's been a blast."

The new songs are called �The Revolution/Make The Music Louder� and �Pretty Lights.� Seven other tracks are extended versions of previously released material. The songs �Man And Woman,� �Exotique,� �N.Y.C. Trippin�,� �Love Juliet� and �Am I Close Enough� are from Soul Ballet�s self-titled debut album.

The songs �BLU Girl� and �Monique Slept Here� are from the follow-up album, Trip The Night Fantastic.

Kelly, meanwhile, is already working on the second volume of All The Pretty Lights, which he expects to release later this year. Soul Ballet has the No. 1 smooth jazz song in the States with �Cream� from the album called DreamBeatDream.

All The Pretty Lights, Vol. 1

SoulBallet_PrettyLights1.jpg1. Man And Woman
2. Exotique
3. Love Juliet
4. The Revolution/Make The Music Louder
5. BLU Girl
6. Am I Close Enough
7. Pretty Lights
8. NYC Trippin�
9. Monique Slept Here