Warren Hill Creates New Record Label Called Pop Jazz

Saxophonist Warren Hill has a new CD coming out called Pop Jazz. That's also the name of his new Internet-based record label.

Smooth jazz saxophonist Warren Hill, whose last two albums were released on the Narada label, has completed a brand-new album that he will release on his own record label.

Both the label and the album will be called Pop Jazz. The 12-song album has been finished, and includes covers of Wild Cherry�s �Play That Funky Music,� War�s �Low Rider,� Brian McKnight�s �Back At One� and the Beatles� �Come Together.� Featured musicians include keyboardist Brian Culbertson, guitarist Allen Hinds and drummer Dave Hooper.

�The new label is actually an Internet-based label," Hill says. "I�m going to be diving into uncharted territory, in a sense. I have the freedom to do it now, and my personal opinion is that CD sales are heading to the Internet.�

Hundreds of lucky fans have already heard the CD, which is produced by Warren and Andre Berry, since a pre-release copy was distributed to all those attending Warren Hill�s Smooth Jazz Cruise 2005 back in January.

A release date has not yet been set on the CD.

Pop Jazz

WarrenHill_PopJazz.jpg1. Introduction
2. Toronto (W. Hill)
3. Play That Funky Music (R. Parissi)
4. Under Cover (W. Hill)
5. Interlude (R. Jacobs)
6. Still in Love (W. Hill)
7. Flow (W. Hill)
8. Low Rider (T. Allen, H. Brown, M. Dickerson, G. Goldstein, L. Jordan, L. Levitin, C. Miller, H. Scott)
9. Tuff (W. Hill)
10. Back at One (B. McKnight)
11. Come Together (J. Lennon, P. McCartney)
12. Bridgin� the Gap (A. Berry, W. Hill)