Big-Screen Movie Recruits Rendezvous Smooth Jazz Artists

Dave Koz, Praful and Marc Antoine will have their music featured in an upcoming movie called Cages.

Rendezvous Entertainment, a smooth jazz label co-created by saxophonist Dave Koz, will have a major musical role in an independent movie that is now in post-production.

Cages, filmed in Singapore and directed by Graham Streeter, called on Rendezvous to provide music for the film�s soundtrack and for several parts in the movie. Featured in either the movie or soundtrack will be music by Rendezvous artists, including Koz�s �Love Changes Everything� and �Remembrance,� Praful�s �Sigh,� Marc Antoine�s �Castellana Hood� and �Gotham� and two songs from the Rendezvous Lounge project, �Mezz Bar Blue� by Astro and �Ocean Beach� from the Black Mighty Orchestra.

Among Cages stars are Mako Iwamatsu, the veteran Japanese actor who starred as Admiral Yamamoto in the 2001 blockbuster Pearl Harbor, and Zelda Rubinstein, who starred in �Poltergeist� and in the TV series Picket Fences. The movie tells the story of Ali, a single mother who is forced into the streets with her blind 8-year-old son.

�The director is a good friend of Frank Cody, who�s one of the Rendezvous partners," says Koz. "That�s how the connection was made. We started hearing about this film and saw the storyboarding. We all were interested in being a part of it. So we�ll see what happens. This is definitely our first foray into that area of the business."

Cages is expected to be released by the end of year.