Bobby Caldwell - Perfect Island Nights

Reviewed by: Mary Elizabeth Simeone

Turn the lights down low and get cozy, when you listen to Bobby Caldwell�s new release, Perfect Island Nights. Once again, Bobby delivers heartfelt love songs to which we can all relate. He also revisits some old classics songs, which were due to be heard once again. This album is laced with the �blue-eyed soul� Caldwell has brought to listeners since his 1979 hit, �What You Won�t Do for Love.�

The first cut on the album, �In the Afterlife� not only has a great sound, but also suggests that romance can be so intense, it will �go on in the afterlife�. �Can�t Get Over You� is yet another Caldwell love song that pulls at your heartstrings. The vocals and harmonies in �Crazy for Your Love� are fantastic. Snuggle up with your honey for this one!

�I Need Your Love� is a powerful song, written by Tom Keene, who wrote �Through the Fire� for Chaka Khan. Caldwell�s soulful voice forms a perfect marriage with this song. Bobby also took on a song written by the great Phil Perry. Close your eyes and listen to �Perfect Island Night�. You�ll be transported to a moonlit beach filled with passion and ocean breezes.

Caldwell teamed up with Deniece Williams to revisit the 1972 hit, �Where is the Love�. What a great song! And, a fitting tribute to the original artists, Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway.

In 1963 Japan made the charts with a song called, �Sukiyaki�. It was one of a few foreign language songs to ever make the charts. Keeping the integrity of the original sound, Bobby Caldwell wrote his own English lyrics to produce a haunting little song. It�s quite unlike the other songs on the album, but it�s one that will linger in your mind all day long.

�Have you ever wanted something so bad it makes you blind� and each night it�s the last thing on your mind� Love that line from �Donna�! This song has a Latin flavor that grabs you right from the guitar intro.

Perfect Island Nights song for song, is a great album! Thank you, Bobby Caldwell, for bringing more romance into the world!