Ottmar Liebert Working On An Album With No Titles

Ottmar Liebert plans something a little different with his next project.

OttmarLiebert.jpgFlamenco guitarist Ottmar Liebert is now working on the second in what he�s calling the Blue solo series. The first album, from 2002, was an album of lullaby songs called In the Arms of Love: Lullabies 4 Children + Adults. Liebert says, however, that the new album called Tears In The Rain will not be another lullaby record. Instead, the album will be unique in that it will not have any recognizable titles � each track will have a series of numbers taken from the time and date they are recorded.

Liebert says he wants listeners to hear the music without any suggestions from him as to what the song may be about.

Liebert is also working on a new holiday CD.