Praful's New Album: "Pyramid in Your Backyard"

Praful has finished his follow-up to One Day Deep for Rendezvous Entertainment.

Praful, the Dutch multi-instrumentalist who packs a punch on the saxophone, has completed his follow-up album to One Day Deep. That album, originally released in 2001 in the Netherlands but re-released by Rendezvous Entertainment in the U.S. in 2003, produced the mega-hit called �Sigh.�

Praful describes the new CD, Pyramid in Your Backyard, as �jazz meets electronica� with many world-music elements. It features 12 songs and is produced by Praful�s labelmates on Rendezvous, the duo of Adani & Wolf.

The album has several guest vocalists, singing in English, Portuguese and Indian Hindi. The vocalists include Praful himself, Sandhya Sanjana from India and Katia Moraes from Brazil. Pyramid In Your Backyard is expected to be released on May 31. It will have its official debut, however, at the Maison Royal festival March 26-27 in Amsterdam.

Pyramid in Your Backyard

PrafulPyramidBackjard.jpg1. Moon Glide
2. Says Kabir
3. Acredite
4. April Seven
5. Eternity
6. Handcart Puller
7. Naked
8. Azul
9. Drop To The Ocean
10. Wishful Walk
11. Ponto De Partida
12. We Live On