Bona Fide Finishes Long-Awaited Third CD

Marc Antoine and Chuck Loeb make guest appearances on Soul Lounge.

slimman.jpgThe smooth jazz group Bona Fide, which will release its third album, Soul Lounge, on the A440 Music label, called on superstars Marc Antoine and Chuck Loeb for its new project. Antoine and Loeb both play guitar on a song called �Midnight Train� and Antoine also performs on the song �23rd Of May.�

The album is the follow-up to The Poe House in 2001 and Royal Function in 1999, which produced the No. 1 smooth jazz hit �X Ray Hip.� The instrumental group Bona Fide is led by Tim Camponeschi, who also records vocal albums under the name Slim Man.

The all-original, 11-song album features the songs �Funk Box,� �The Journey,� �B. More Knights� and �Bona Fide Club,� among others, and once again has many references to the band's hometown of Baltimore.

The CD is expected to be released this summer. Meanwhile, Camponeschi and Bona Fide are firming up touring dates to support the album, and will perform April 16 and April 17 in Washington, D.C.

Soul Lounge

1. Midnight Train (Tim Camponeschi) - 3:29
2. Bona Fide Club (Tim Camponeschi) - 3:34
3. Girard�s (Tim Camponeschi) - 5:32
4. 23rd of May (Tim Camponeschi) - 3:58
5. Funk Box (Kevin Levi) - 4:08
6. The Journey (Tim Camponeschi) - 4:13
7. B. More Knights (Joe Ercole) - 2:55
8. Rosebank Gang (Tim Camponeschi) - 3:23
9. Bromo Tower (Tim Camponeschi) - 3:04
10. Soul Lounge (Tim Camponeschi) - 6:35
11. Deep Chill (Tim Camponeschi) - 13:02